THE HIstory

The motto “At Scopone, everything grows” has always characterized the lands of our estate. Fertile soils intended for precious cultivations and vineyards since ancient times, located at almost 500 meters above sea level in the southeast portion of the appellation. The historical name of the estate recalls the Erica scoparia plants that flourish in the adjoining woods, evidence of an integrated and vital biodiversity.

In the 19th century, the main house served as the first residence for the families of local farmers; later, it became a refuge for evacuees during the Second World War. Since 1996, thanks to Giacomo Tachis, its rare potential has been understood, and in that year, the winemaking business was started.

Since 2021, the Minari family has been managing the estate with dedication. Cristina Minari, in particular, moved here from Bologna to transform Scopone into one of the foremost references for excellence in Montalcino.

The Team

Cristina Minari loves to say, “Nature is a fundamental component of the Scopone team.” Power, integrity, and biodiversity give each wine unique suggestions, further perfected by the work of people, in the vineyard and the cellar.

By her side is Francesco, who coordinates and works with the entire team to bring a dream to fruition, along with Eva, Sales Manager, a valuable source of professionalism and enthusiasm for our sales network and logistics management.

Andrea, Vineyard Manager, is the vigilant eye that daily oversees the vineyards for optimal annual management, along with Drita, Vineyard Specialist, who with her skillful hands constantly watches over the health of our vines.

Remo and Gani are our Field Experts, fundamental references in the management of vineyards, olive groves, greenery care, and the development of our beekeeping.

Matteo is the Winemaker, a guiding light in our company, overseeing and managing all grape transformation processes, from harvest to bottling.

The generosity of nature and human effort find a perfect blend at Scopone, reflecting its infinite nuances in every plot of land, every vintage, and every bottle.

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